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We are a US 501(c)(3) public charity and a philanthropic initiative of SIMA Funds LLC. Our foundation was established with a clear mission in mind - to address the needs of low-income individuals at the base of the pyramid through impactful and innovative investment strategies. Understanding that not all impact investment options are commercially viable initially, we focus on supporting sectors that require higher risk and/or below-market rate financing to foster growth and viability. This approach has proven successful in sectors like microfinance and off-grid solar, which, though once seen as high-risk, have become commercially viable and profitable through strategic support and development.

In addition to our educational efforts, we've expanded our mission to include the Solarization of Healthcare Facilities project. This initiative aims to provide reliable, sustainable energy to rural healthcare facilities, ensuring they have the power needed to operate effectively and save lives. Like our scholarship program, this project is designed to create a sustainable cycle of support and impact, showcasing our commitment to innovating solutions for underserved communities.

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250 Healthcare Facilities (Pilot Program)

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We aim to create opportunities for and improve the lives of low-income people at the base of the pyramid through impact investing in areas that are not fully commercially viable.



We believe that ultimately even non-commercially viable impact investing opportunities can become viable with the support and increase in volume of activity such as microfinance and off-grid solar which eventually became commercially viable.

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