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Who We Are

SIMA Impact Foundation is a US 501 (c) 3 public charity and a philanthropic effort of SIMA Funds LLC, launched with a mission to serve the needs of low-income people at the base of the pyramid using impact investments. The Foundation recognizes that not all impact investment options are commercially viable and that higher risk and/or below-market rate financing can help some impact investment sectors grow and become viable. Even the most commercial of impact sectors, microfinance, had a lot of early higher risk concessionary capital that played an important part in its development as it became a commercially viable and profitable impact investment sector.

We seek donations and higher risk philanthropic funding with little to no return expectations. Any returns to the Foundation from the scholarship program will be re-invested in other scholarships.

Our Mission

We aim to create opportunities for and improve the lives of low-income people at the base of the pyramid through impact investing in areas that are not fully commercially viable.

Our Vision

We believe that ultimately even non-commercially viable impact investing opportunities can become viable with the support and increase in volume of activity such as microfinance and off-grid solar which eventually became commercially viable.

About Scholarship Program

Our first effort is to create future leaders in impact investing coming from the bottom of the pyramid markets by providing full tuition costs for low-income students in business schools. The geographies of focus for the scholarship program are Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, regions where impact investing is least developed.

The scholarship recipients will not only be provided with 100% tuition assistance but also be equipped with practical learning & training opportunities through internships at SIMA LLC or through partnerships. The professional work experience and exposure to the impact investment industry is meant to benefit the scholarship recipients in becoming future local impact investing leaders.

In our first year, SIMA Impact Foundation partnered with The Citizens Foundation in Pakistan, Strathmore University in Kenya, and Makerere University in Uganda to host 14 undergraduate students. Based on this success, we wish to expand the scholarship program to additional students and countries. We are seeking $225,000 in donations to be utilized over a four-year period. The funds will be used to support 25 students each year over four years, including hiring a grant administrator/mentor and facilitating internship stipends, training costs, and travel expenses for the scholarship beneficiaries.

How To Donate?

Donate Now To Help Us Educate And Empower Future Impact
Investors Coming From Underprivileged Backgrounds.

Our Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the Netri Foundation and John F. And Mary A. Geisse Foundation as pioneering partners of SIMA Impact Foundation’s scholarship program.

Netri Foundation

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Netri Foundation is a social enterprise that aims to combat extreme poverty and improve the living standard of the deprived. The organization mainly invests in education, health, agriculture, energy, water, housing, and microfinance sectors. It contributes through donations and social investments to projects that to make a lasting impact on the lives of those living in poverty.

John F. And Mary A. Geisse Foundation

Founded in 1969, The John F. and Mary A. Geisse Foundation supports organizations working towards the goal of breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. The Foundation primarily partners with US-based NGOs working internationally in the WASH, education, justice, and agriculture sectors within the developing nations.